Climate change, tout ce qu’il faut savoir

Since 2000 the world has experienced 17 of the 18 warmest years on record. Our planet is witnessing sea levels rising, storms, natural disasters, glaciers melting, wildfires…etc 

Since the industrial revolution we entered the age of coal, oil and gas. Humans have increased the level of carbon dioxyde by more than 44%.

Several measures have yet been implemented to reduce pollution but they have also yet proved  insufficiency, alarming environmental disaster the world is facing. 

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2020 witnessed the biggest fall in carbon dioxide emissions since World War II, emissions have declined by around 7% this year, mainly due to severe shutdowns (especially in Europe and Asia). 


When it comes to agriculture do you believe that « Safe is better than sorry » ? 

When dealing with agriculture, it is often believed that precautionary principles should be applied when scientific evidence about an environmental is uncertain. Maximising yield and profit often prompts farmers to minimise the risks so as to stay competitive. However, transgenic seeds sold by Monsanto should prompt us to remain on the safe side for fear of irreversible environmental consequences. 

Yet, it may well seem to be mere wishful thinking to advocate showing caution. Globalisation, profit and an ever-growing world population that has to be fed make the use of intensive agricultural practices all the more alluring.

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The outcome of the Paris Climate Conference COP21

In 2015, 195 countries agreed to the world’s first Universal action plan to tackle climate change by limited global warming to well bellow 2°C. 

Now every country must turn their promises into action. Some of the goals are :

  • Making agriculture more sustainable 
  • Decarbonising transports 
  • Redesigning the electricity market 
  • Putting an end to plastic waste

International corporation is key to reach a global climate solution. COP21 thought of measures to be applied on an international level, but activists as Greta Thunberg have proved their inefficiency. The members of COP 21 relied on the willingness of all nations to act, react, and modify their self-centered habits. However the utopian hope that all nations will collectively be ethically guided by some sense of moral obligation has never been fulfilled.


Men’s self-interest and insatiable greed : profit versus planet

Is profit-making compatible with preserving the planet ? Should economic concerns matter more than the future of the planet ?

This prove to be the underlying obstacle to the survival of our planet. Financial concerns seem to prevail over ecological and ethical considerations.

Will men always be blinded by their thirst of power ? Man’s will to power or hunger to overpower is indeed the main driving force for achievement. Business men are taking advantage of the world’s resources simply to expand they economic and social power.

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