Franco-British relationship and climate change : Charles III speaks out

In a historic address to the French Senate, King Charles III of the United Kingdom pleaded for a new « Entente Cordiale » between the United Kingdom and France to address the urgent challenges of climate change. The event, which took place on September 15, 2023, was a significant moment in the history of Franco-British relations and highlighted the growing importance of international cooperation in tackling environmental threats.


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Origins of the Entente Cordiale

The term « Entente Cordiale » dates back to the early 20th century when France and the United Kingdom entered into a series of informal agreements aimed at resolving their colonial disputes. These agreements laid the foundation for a relationship of trust and cooperation between the two nations, marking a departure from their history of rivalries and conflicts.

Since then, the Entente Cordiale has become a symbol of Franco-British friendship and cooperation in various areas, including foreign policy, defense, and the economy. This special relationship has been celebrated on numerous occasions over the decades and was strengthened by the United Kingdom’s accession to the European Economic Community (EEC) in 1973.


Charles III’s Appeal

King Charles III’s address to the French Senate marked a new chapter in the history of the Entente Cordiale. The King, who is also the Prince of Wales, delivered a passionate speech in which he advocated for enhanced cooperation between the United Kingdom and France to confront the global climate crisis.

Charles III emphasized the urgency of the climate situation and reminded that climate change knows no national boundaries. He called on both nations to join forces in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting renewable energy, and implementing environmental conservation policies.

The King also praised the Franco-British relationship, describing it as a « pillar of stability in Europe » and a « model of international cooperation. » He recalled that both countries had weathered many challenges together and that their partnership was more important than ever in a rapidly changing world.


French Response

The response from the French Senate to King Charles III’s address was warm and positive. Many senators applauded his call for joint action on climate and expressed their willingness to work closely with the United Kingdom to achieve common environmental goals.

The President of the French Senate, Marie Leclerc, described the King’s speech as a « historic moment » and praised his commitment to combating climate change. She also underscored the importance of the Franco-British relationship in building a more sustainable future.


Challenges of Climate Cooperation

While Charles III’s call for a new Entente Cordiale on climate was well-received, there are still many challenges to overcome in realizing this vision. Combating climate change requires concerted action on an international scale, and the United Kingdom and France will need to work closely with other nations to achieve ambitious climate objectives.

Furthermore, political and economic issues will continue to play a significant role in climate cooperation. Both countries will have to address challenges such as transitioning to cleaner energy sources, environmental regulation, and managing evolving economic interests.


King Charles III’s address to the French Senate has highlighted the importance of international cooperation in the fight against climate change. It has also underscored the significance of the special relationship between the United Kingdom and France, which extends far beyond political and economic considerations.

As both nations look toward a future marked by unprecedented environmental challenges, the Entente Cordiale could serve as a model for international cooperation in the quest to preserve our planet. King Charles III’s determination to place climate at the heart of this historic relationship illustrates the urgency of climate action and the potential of diplomacy to shape a more sustainable future.


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