Ron DeSantis: the new Trump?

Dans un an (le 4 novembre 2024) les élections présidentielles se dérouleront aux États-Unis, et qui dit éléctions dit aussi campagnes éléctorales !! Il vous faudra donc suivre de très près les grands moments des différentes élections (primaires, députés, sénateurs…) pour préparer au mieux vos écrits et vos oraux. Dans cet article, je vous donne également des pistes pour aborder certains thèmes (Wokeism, Abortion, Women, Immigration…). Vous trouverez à la fin de l’article un lexique, reprenant certains mots de l’article ainsi que des synonymes afin que vous puissiez diversifier votre vocabulaire à l’écrit !

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Ron De Santis is currently the governor of Florida – and the youngest one-, yet to some in the future ( that is to say in almost a year) he might be the only Republicans able to defeat Donald Trump. Therefore, one can ponder what it will mean for the United-States and the GOP to have such a man running for the 2024 election.

Waging a war against Disney?

Florida is home to Disney World, and it almost goes without saying that Disney played a decisive role in helping the state to develop and thrive. Nonetheless, the relation between the group and Ron De Santis could not be worse and it all began in 2022 when Disney contested the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. The “Don’t Say Gay” bill and now law aims at prohibiting teachers to talk or let alone mention anything related to sexual orientation or gender in front of their students. While Disney found this law profoundly “LGBTphobe”, to Ron De Santis it’s Disney that is deemed dangerous by imposing its “woke” ideas to the societies and more specifically to children. Therefore, the conservator decided to do everything in his powers to harm the group. For instance, he decided to put an end to some advantages that the State used to grant and wishes to open a prison near Disney World.

DeSantis and Trump on the same wavelength in terms of immigration

If Trump wanted to build a wall so that he could stop Latinos to come, Ron de Santis decided to send away some immigrants to Democrats State such as California… by having them flown on a private jet.  Once again to do so De Santis decided to enact a law in February 2023, which allows to fly away immigrants from Florida. It should come as no surprises but the Democrats such as Galvin Newsom (Governor of California)criticized this policy. Moreover, Galvin Newsom threatened to press some charges against Ron de Santis for “kidnapping”, and even called him “ a small, pathetic man” on Twitter. Yet, it was unfortunately not the first time that De Santis had flown immigrants to Democratic States.

( Attention: It’s the (first )time  + Present Perfect / it was the first time + HAD+ Participe passé= on fait la concordance.

Petit rappel utile: It’s high time+ prétérit et it’s the (first) time + present perfect).

Indeed, DeSantis had already flown immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard (an island) and according to some he lured them by promising them jobs in this island.Therefore, one might draw a parallel between Trump and De Santis on this very subject: both wanting to wreck immigration.

Ron DeSantis: an epitome of the pro-life movement

For the last several years, abortion has become quite a thorny issue in the United States and this very issue speaks volumes on the left-right divide. Indeed, whereas Republicans are pro-life and as a consequence want to put an end to abortion, Democrats are pro-choice and deem that women should be free to have a child or not. In that respect, De Santis is no exception to the rule and he decided to take a drastic measure to convert his state into a “pro-life state” by banning abortions after 6 weeks. To some the real issue is that most women do not know they are pregnant at the 6th week, so basically it’s as if DeSantis had banned abortion once and for all (as if + preterit on exprime de l’iréel). Nevertheless, abortion is not the only thorny issue. As a matter of fact, DeSantis also enacted a law allowing doctors to refuse LBGBT patients on moral or religious grounds. Therefore, this law discriminates this community by putting their health in danger.

All in all, one might shed light on perhaps a radicalization of the right that seems to follow the path of Donald Trump. As the country readies itself for the next presidential race, it should come as no surprises that much will be heard about DeSantis who is now the most likely opponent to beat Donald Trump. Nonetheless, though Trump will have a serious opponent in the primary races, Trump is also most likely to represent the GOP/Republicans… perhaps against a certain Joe Biden…


  • To ponder: se demander
  • GOP: Grand Old Party= le Parti Républicain
  • To wage a war: mener une guerre
  • Be home to : abriter/héberger
  • To thrive: prospérer économiquement
  • Bill: projet de loi
  • To deem: considérer
  • To harm: nuire
  • To grant: octroyer
  • To enact a law: promulguer une loi
  • To threaten: menacer
  • To press some charges: porter plainte
  • To lure: attirer
  • To speak volume on: en dire long sur
  • On moral or religious grounds: pour des motifs moraux ou religieux
  • As a matter of facts: en fait/ à vrai dire/ dans les faits
  • To wreck : mettre fin
  • Once and for all : une fois pour toutes
  • All in all= all told: au total/ au final
  • To shed light= to emphasize= to highlight: mettre en avant/ souligner
  • Perhaps= maybe: peut-être


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