The women of the British Crown : absolute role models

It is common knowledge that, in the UK, the Royals are extremely influential regarding Britons. And if we try to focus on the female side of the Crown, whether it is Lady Diana, Elizabeth II or Meghan Markle, the women of the British Crown can be seen as role models regarding other women at both national and global scales for what they represent and for their commitment.


Lady Diana : a role model when it comes to beauty, and more

Charles III’s first wife Diana Spencer marked the spirits of every person that would see her pretty face. Indeed, her dreamy blonde hair styled with her iconic outfits inspired every woman at that time. Even today, she is still at the top of the most inspiring women of the eighties and nighties when it comes to beauty standards. She inspired different trends in terms of hairstyle and outfits such has the magnificient dresses she could wear in public appearances.

But deeper than Lady Diana’s timeless brushing, we have to keep in mind that she was a committed woman that fought against AIDS, poverty and even against anti-personnel mines. Remember how famous became the photo of her holding hands with a HIV-positive person in 1987, not to mention the fact that she contributed to sign the Treaty for the Prohibition of Anti-Personnel Mines ten years later.

Thus, Lady Di was an influential woman who was and full of ambitions and values that she knew how to work for, which has given (and still does) hope for women willing to support causes. She was a pioneer at that time and her actions illustrate perfectly the ability of women in fighting for major social, health and other issues.


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Queen Elizabeth II’s attitude as a model

On September 8. of 2022, everyone was moved by the Queen’s death. This woman of strenght was the epitome of unfailing stiffness, firmness and righteousness. Facing numerous political conflicts, disagreements, emergencies during her long lasting reign, she immediately turned out to be a strong political figure. Being a woman and a head of state at the same time, she proved the world that a woman could rule a country, and do so much more. That is why several femal political leaders took Elizabeth II as a role model. She merely became a symbol of power. Hence, the expression « keeping a stiff upper lip » fits the Queen perfectly, as well as all British people who are for sure inspired by the Queen’s bravery as it refers to one’s lips that could shake when something is wrong, but that stay still anyway meaning showing courage in the face of pain or adversity. Elizabeth II is eventually a role model for everyone, especially for every woman that would want to appear stronger or learn how to face complex situations with courage. 

Beside her relisience, she also knew how to show support and help since she supported over 600 charities with a large part of them being devoted to children.

Meghan Markle as a role model for her devotion

Meghan is the kind of woman that inspires other women to assert themselves, especially when it comes to justice and equity. Indeed, since she was 13, Meghan Markle has always worked and fought for people’s well-being. She volunteered in soup kitchen in a poor Los Angeles borough. Moreover, she also claims to be a feminist, and she is « proud to be a woman » according to her words. In this sense, as she wanted to dedicate a large part of her time to this cause, she has created a brand that sells woman working clothes, and everytime a piece of clothing is sold, the equivalent is given to SmartWorks, which is an organization that gives clothes to women so that they can have the means and the confidence to find a decent job, which indirectly contributes to women’s best integration into the workplace. 

Besides, being an actress in the Royal Family as well as a woman of color, she also contributed to break the traditions as she participated in a kind of social mix.

To sum up, these three women who have belonged to the Royal family are not only symbolic figures. In fact, above all, they are role models that can help women being more self-confident and enterprising into making the world a better one.

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