Les annales des essais d’Anglais depuis 2016 (ECRICOME)

Lors des épreuves de langues, il est très important de réussir les essais. Découvrez dans cet article les sujets d’Anglais qui sont tombés depuis 2016 à ECRICOME afin de pouvoir appréhender au mieux vos concours.



2021 (1): Has the United States become a vulnerable country?

2021 (2): Are we now living in a digital dystopia?

2020 (1): What do you think are likely to be the two main issues in the next US presidential election?

2020 (2): Do radical protest movements do more harm than good?

2019 (1): More and more politicians communicate via social media. Is this for the better?

2019 (2): The New Optimists maintain that the world is a better place than ever. Do you agree?

2018 (1): Has the time come to end race-based affirmative action in the United States?

2018 (2): Should limits be placed on mass tourism?

2017 (1): How wise were the Brits to vote in favour of Brexit?

2017 (2): The sharing economy: the way forward? Discuss, with the help of relevant examples.

2016 (1):Should Britain apologize for its colonial past?

2016 (2): Are drones all that bad?



2021 (1): Has the time come for the United States of Europe?

2021 (2): Are we now living in a world of growing censorship?

2020 (1): Ecology: the new religion?

2020 (2):Should we welcome or fear a cashless society?

2019 (1): Is the ‘Uberisation’ of society the way forward?

2019 (2):Will printed books soon be a thing of the past?

2018 (1): In the light of recent events, would you say the US has become a less attractive country?

2018 (2): More and more people are becoming vegans. How would you explain this trend?

2017 (1): Will 2017 see the beginning of the end of globalisation? Justify your answer with relevant examples.

2017 (2): How would you explain the rise of populism in Great Britain and in the United States? Illustrate your answer with pertinent examples.

2016 (1): Does America still make people dream in 2016?

2016 (2): Google glasses, Apple watches, connected cars… what’s the point?

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